"The fine enjoyment of the high Alps"
Hiking and biking along striking glacier trains and mountain ranges

Wildly romantic, sunny and sheltered from the wind at 1,800 m, surrounded by the impressive Bernina- massif, the historically grown mountain village of Pontresina enchants upon arrival: the charm of traditional Engadine houses, dignified luxury and a breathtaking mountain world, which besides tranquility offer fine mountains-, Wellness- and culinary delights.

Hiking and biking along striking glacier trains and massifs, romantic mountain lakes, aromatic alpine meadows and - Forests on perfectly maintained and designated routes. Climb the 4049 m high Piz Bernina with pimples and crampons. If you prefer to watch the local climbing specialists, the ibex, with a little luck you can do this from Alp Languard.

Because relaxation is part of the excitement, the Bellavita adventure pool and spa, as well as excellent Swiss pine and gourmet restaurants, pamper you. Then a fun evening at the Kongress- and Kulturzentrum Rondo and the day is perfect.

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