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Top 3 Star Hotels

Reach for the right stars

The hotel group BEST 3 STAR HOTELS of Switzerland was founded on October 1, 2015 by the tourism marketing company smarket ag and then 7 hoteliers and has since united the best three-star hotels in Switzerland. The hotels are and remain independent and are mostly owner-managed.

All member companies convince by modern infrastructure and above-average service, In addition to excellent guest ratings, numerous quality criteria from higher categories as well as our own special standards must also be met. The control is carried out at regular intervals by independent, external specialists.

All member companies are with high host presence guided. The guest and the well-being of the guest are the focus. The goal of all hosts is that expectations of their guests too excel, This is done by fulfilling the most important services for guests with high standards, but deliberately omitting unnecessary luxury services. Therefore, understatement is deliberately used, which guests greatly appreciate.

"The constant personal presence of the hosts at the front is what sets our establishments apart and is greatly appreciated by the guests. Our guests are looking for the familiar and relaxed atmosphere of a small or medium-sized boutique hotel," explains President Lukas Kalbermatten of the Hotel Edelweiss in Blatten/VS.

Selection of quality standards of our hotels

When it comes to our quality requirements, we consciously orientate ourselves to 4- or 5- star hotels. Here is a brief extract from our quality standards, compliance with which is regularly checked by external experts:

  • Top-Reputation of the hotel (including Trustyou-Score of at least 4.2)
  • Highest standards regarding cleanliness.
  • Excellent condition of the hotel. Contemporary furniture, textiles and equipment are coordinated and of above-average quality.
  • Attention to the guest. At the same time, the hosts have a high presence on the front.
  • We pamper our guests out of conviction. We want to delight our – guests with planned small surprises –.
  • Guest requests are recorded and implemented accordingly.
  • The employees know not only the hotel but also the destination and are able to provide good information. Multilingualism is required.
  • Rooms: high-quality materials, perfectly hygienically maintained mattresses, free drinking water and a little attention in the room.
  • Bathroom: slippers, high-quality bathing TP5 / cosmetic items, pleasant quality of terry towels, cosmetic mirror.
  • Breakfast: cultivated table culture, attractive breakfast offer.
  • Raising awareness of local products and / or sustainability.
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