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Pontresiner bathing area & SPA Bellavita

The hotel ALLEGRA is as only hotel in Pontresina directly connected to the BELLAVITA –, as our guest, you benefit from this wonderful, free additional . service. An underground bathrobe - corridor gives you direct access to a relaxing and generous sport - & leisure - pleasure of the first order!

Bathrobes & towels are ready in your room & -we wish you a lot of fun & pleasant relaxation!

Due to the current energy crisis and in the sense of a joint effort to keep it under control, the municipality of Pontresina has decided to keep the outdoor pool, the small outdoor swimming pool and the outdoor- sauna open only from 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.. This is the current status – Subject to change!
Thank you for your understanding!

The Bellavita water park is an alpine water experience

The indoor pool is newly renovated and expanded and is extremely versatile, sporty and playful.

Active- swimmers train on the reserved lanes, others relax while bathing, playing or aquatraining in the 28 ° warm 25-Meter- swimming pool. Courageous jump from the 1-Meter- diving board into the deeper pool of the bathroom.

Outdoor pool

You can reach the warm outdoor pool directly from the indoor pool. Bubbles, jets, a massage jet and a counter-current system bring variety to the year-round pool. With a water temperature of 34 °, the Outdoor- stay is pleasant even in winter at sub-zero temperatures - but then more to chill than to swim. The outdoor pool is significantly cooler at 28 ° and ideal for swimming. This pool is only in operation in summer. There are also showers outside.

Bathing world inside

  • 75-Meter-Blackhole-Rutschbahn
  • Children's play area with water play garden, 34 ° C
  • Indoor pool 25 m, 28 ° C
  • Diving board 1 m
  • laying zone
  • relaxation room
  • solarium
  • Cloakrooms and sanitary facilities
  • bistro
  • Badeartikel-Shop

relaxation room

Warm colors and harmonious images adorn the walls of the relaxation room in the indoor pool. Bathing mermaids and swimmers can relax from the effort in comfortable chairs. After a short recovery phase you are fit for the next round.

Children's pool

In the children's area there is an ankle-deep paddling pool for small children. Many different nozzles, flaps, a slide and bath toys make the swimming pool visit particularly interesting for the kids. Parents can ideally supervise their children from the edge of the pool.

Children under the age of 8 can only access the Bellavita water park if accompanied by an adult.
Parents are responsible for the safety of their children.

SPA - area

"Bellavita" is not just the term for a beautiful life or the symbolization of the term wellness. In Pontresina this name also has a historical meaning. The site where the bath and spa are today bears the field name "Bellavita". A coincidence or divine will?

The new wellness area is an oasis of well-being and relaxation. A place of warmth, a place for body, mind and soul – just relaxing, just be! The decelerating ambience and the indescribable view of the mountain backdrop make a visit to the Bellavita Spa unforgettable.

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  • Finnish sauna: 85–90 ° C, approx. 10% humidity Recommended duration of stay 8-15 min
  • Bio sauna: 50–60 °, 50% humidity Recommended duration of stay 10–25 min
  • Steam bath: 45 °, 100% humidity Recommended length of stay 5–20 min
  • experience showers
  • Kneipp pool
  • Cold water pool with a waterfall
  • Warm water pool
  • Relaxation zone with an open fireplace and drinking fountain
  • relaxation room
  • Lounger terrace with a panoramic mountain view
  • solarium
  • Wardrobes for women and men
  • Waffle- sauna towels can be rented


Manicure & Pedicure, jeweils mit & ohne Lack, Termine und Preise auf Anfrage

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